Who We Are

We at Diamond Care Victoria, value each and every individual and deliver the best practice disability care services. Our experienced, skilled and engaged staff have a commitment to real outcomes for people we assist by putting you first and enabling your choices. We have employed a highly skilled, loyal and qualified team, support planners, rostering staff and personal support workers that successfully deliver highly personalised, quality support to people in our community.

Our Mission, Vision And Values

Our mission is to provide a place to the community to empower, influence and impact by providing day to day individualized focused care to improve the quality of life. To safeguard and advocate for people with disabilities or each individual in need.

Our vision is to create an environment that promotes independence, inclusive, enable choices and foster self-esteem, self believe, hope for people with disabilities through supportive and innovative services we provide.

Our core values are respect, non-judgmental, empathy, passion, Integrity, accountability, and teamwork.

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