Support Coordination

Our Support Coordinators will:

  • Listen to you and your significant others to understandyour specific needs.
  • Provide all information about your support plan (verbally & in writing).
  • Ensure you, your family, and your carers are involved in all aspects of the support planning process.
  • Enable your choices, control, and informed decision-making.
  • Ensure all support plans are in line with your and your family’s/carers’ wishes, goals, and needs.
  • Innovatively develop plans and ensure all requirements are met to address barriers and minimise complications.
  • Develop your support plan to streamline connections with providers who can build your capacity andresilience.
  • Monitor your plan and expenditure to ensure that it remains within budget.
  • Accurately record information, time, and billing, and provide an annual review.
  • Promote and advocate for your rights, including freedom of expression, self-determination, and autonomy.

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