Plan Management

Diamond Care Victoria offers plan management solution to enable your choice and control over your NDIS funds and plans. Our team are the expert that you can depend on. Therefore, leave to us all the financial management (administration) duties including:

  • Bookkeeping, audits and managing budgets with no cost to you at all.
  • Processing your invoices and pay your providers to continue your supports.
  • Freedom to choose how you use your NDIS funds.
  • Using the providers of your choice (NDIS registered or nonregistered).
  • Assistance in finding providers near your area.
  • Providing a regular statement of expenditure track your funding.
  • Ensuring you don’t run out of your plan funding over the period of time.

At Diamond Care Victoria, we pay your providers within 5 business days and reimburse you within 2 business days.

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