Domestic Cleaning

Our expert cleaning staff will wash, sanitise, dust, wipe, dispose of garbage, and sweep your balcony. Our products are environmentally-friendly and safe, while controlling the level of dust mites, mosquitos, stains, urine, moulds, microbes, bacteria, spores, and viruses.


  • Wiping down bench tops, cupboards, doors, and appliances
  • Cleaning the oven, hotplates, range,and hood
  • Cleaning dishes, stacking& emptying dishwasher
  • Cleaning the refrigerator, inside and out
  • Cleaning sink and skirting boards

Bedrooms/Sitting & Dining Rooms

  • Wiping all furniture, counters, fixtures, and fittings
  • Dusting curtains, ornaments, bottles, and glassware
  • Dusting around all pictures and mirrors, TV,and audios equipment
  • Dusting light fittings and ceiling fans


  • Cleaning basins and splashbacks
  • Cleaning bath andshower to help remove soap scum and build-up
  • Cleaningand disinfecting toilets, including bowl and seat
  • Wiping all mirrors and glasses, ensuring a streak-free finish
  • Vacuuming and moppingtiles/floors so they are cleaned and sanitised


  • Ensuring hard floors are mopped and cleaned
  • Vacuming carpeted areas to remove surface dirt and dust
  • Sweeping floor areas, tidying and dusting allcorners of the house
  • Ensuring exterior and interior cobwebs are removed
  • Wiping lights and power switches
  • Deodorising the house, leaving it smelling great
  • Emptying bins


  • Dusting all windows and screen partitions/ledges
  • Dusting rails, screen tracks, and other wall fittings
  • Cleaning windows and wiping windowsills
  • Removing all mould and dirt from the inside of windows
  • Wiping down window frames and tracks


  • Cleaning sink and sink cupboard inside and out, including the doors
  • Cleaning splashback
  • Cleaning washing machine and dryer

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